laser dentistryNeedle-free laser dentistry has grown more popular than many traditional dentistry practices, making treatments more precise and less painful. This newer practice utilizes intense beams of light projected by a dental laser. for Instance, dental lasers can be used to perform a wide variety of treatments, including soft tissue shaping and removal.

The FDA deemed this practice to be safe for public usage in 1990. Since then, many dentists have incorporated dental lasers into everyday procedures reducing bleeding, anxiety and post-treatment recovery times. The beauty of dental lasers is that they damage far less of the surrounding tissue than traditional techniques meaning less discomfort and pain.

Laser Dentistry benefits:

  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Preservation of more of the natural tooth.
  • Reduced bleeding during and after treatment.
  • Reduced need for anesthesia.
  • Minimized need for stitches and sutures.
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections after procedures.

How can laser dentistry help me?

Laser dentistry is incredibly versatile and plays an important role in a growing number of common dental procedures. Though it is most notably associated with cosmetic treatments, it is equally effective for preventative purposes.

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